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Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
DD got her L4 beam dismount last night. She did about 5 of them that looked really good. It was the first thing she said to me when she came out of the locker area. "I got my beam dismount!" With a big smile on her face and a high five hand out and ready. :D

I am hoping the beam fairy sticks around until at least Wednesday, since that is beam day and they do a lot of beam. She probably won't do beam for the mock meet though since they don't know the routine, but who knows what will happen.

Congrats !!! That is great!! Don't you just love those big smiles and how proud they are of themselves when they get a new skill :)

Once my dd gets the splint off her wrist I'm going to be asking for you all to send the fairies this way so she can get herself back to being ready to compete.
Wow that is great! Tell Abby I give her a big Congrats! She is relentless! You keep talking about how Abby probably won't do optionals or is college bound (in gymnastics I mean) etc. But I have a gut feeling you are in it for the long haul. That little girls LOVES gymnastics(I love her bhs video on a bed when she is like: one more mama and then one more mama and then one more mama-she cracks me up!) and with her persistance.....I definately see upper level gymnastics in her future.
flippy- definitely put out a fairy request when your DD is better and needs those skill fairies floating around. :D i hope she can get back into shape quick and be ready to compete.

starmaker- the reason i don't think she will get to optionals, etc, is because she really is more into getting the skills, not making them look good. though that could change with time. i think she is awesome, believe me, she amazes me everyday. i just don't see her sticking around for optionals, especially since she has pretty consistently said she won't do anything aerial on beam. LOL. she does, however, have a goal of at least getting to level 6 since she loves the music and floor routine. :D

i am just happy that she is doing something that she currently loves and that it really brings out the best in her. she tries so hard and keeps working at things until she gets it. she is only like that at the gym. for school work it is like pulling teeth. i wish the working hard till she gets things would translate over to school work, but maybe it will in time. i use gymnastics as an example sometimes, but it doesn't go over well with her.
Way to go Abby!She is still very young my dd started at 6 1/2 she is now 8 and she was the same way as long as she could do the skill was good enough for her ,but she is doing alot better now.
Great job Abby, she is really coming along well.:D

If you have spare bar fairy my little one could use her, her kip came in June and hasn't been seen since, she wants it so badly she cried coming home tonight. Of course I know that it will come, but try explaining that to a tired irrational 9 year old!!!
Thanks again guys. She is still so excited. She is even excited that tomorrow is beam day, usually she dreads Wednesdays because she knows they do tons of beam. LOL.

Bog, I sent out a request for the kip fairy for your little DD. :D I hope she gets it soon. I had tears a few weeks ago for her front walkover since 2 of her friends got it, she was upset she couldn't do it. They are so hard on themselves sometimes.
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