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My dd had her 2nd level 5 meet this weekend. She did well. On vault, which seems to be giving the whole team fits, she only scored an 8.0. That's down from an 8.6 in the first meet. On uneven bars she scored a 7.825 which is up from a 7.2 and on floor she score an 8.7, up from an 8.2. Her favorite event, beam, she rocked the house, scoring a 9.45 and taking first place. :) My dd is known in our gym for having the best form and she proved it Saturday. A coach from another team came up to us after the meet and said how she remembered her from last year and how much she's improved and how beautiful she looks. Well, that just put dd higher on cloud 9.:cloud9:She scored 6th on vault, bars and floor, 1st on beam and 6th AA. Her AA score was only 33.975. Not the greatest AA but we'll take it!


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Feb 26, 2007
9.45 wow that is incredible, she must be so pleased with yourself. Nice to get a compiment from a coach from another gym too!


That is such a great beam score! Sounds like she is improving. That vault is tricky. It's my DD second year with it, and she still has not completed mastered it.

I'm sure she'll have a great. Comments like that should help her confidence tons!


Wow... My DD would take that beam score ANYDAY! That's super. The rest will come. How old is she?

She's 7. I checked a lot of the scores from the other Level 5 age groups and she would've placed first in most of them. I just hope she can keep it up!

gym mom

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Sep 8, 2007
Congrats to the beam queen!9.45 is awesome score for beam.I also see she is improving on her bars and fl good job!


WOW - Amazing beam score, it must have been beautiful:)! And to be remembered and noticed by another team's coach - Congrats to her:D!


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Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
Congrats to your DD! What a great beam score! This is also my dd's 2nd yr in L5, 3rd yr doing handspring vault (she did it for USAIGC in L4 year) and she is STILL having trouble b/c of her small size/weight.


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Mar 1, 2007
LOL, sounds like your DD doesn't need the beam fairly...she *IS* the beam fairy. Ask her if she give "privates", my DD could use her! Must be exciting to be "noticed" by another coach too!

Sounds like she is doing well, it was only her second meet and her scores are great & will only get better from here! I heard the vault table takes a little getting used to. Our best L4 vaulters last year who went right into L5 took forever to get it right. They are on their 2nd year now and still hitting it a little too archy.

I love the updates, you are so lucky you got to move up to L5 after last year! We are not rushing into L5 for this season but the plan is to train our group slower than last years girls and then compete them for next season. We're OK with that, but DD can't wait to get on those bars for the routine...she LOVES the L5 bars routine. Got her straight arm kip last night. Now if she could just do better on beam.
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