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I have currently been working on a split mount on beam using no hands. I need some tips on ways to get to standing position, I have been doing a valdaz but hurts my back bad like something else that looks good and oh yea I am level 10. Thanks for any help from anyone that can help



I will ask around at the gym and see if anyone has any other suggestions, but off the top of my head:
-- step up to needle scale, you'ld have to experiment how to get onto your dominant foot
-- drop to straddle and swing to hs or front walkover
-- back extension or roll out of same position as you started your valdez
-- full turn in tuck stand free leg horizontal or full turn in knee scale
-- full turn in prone position (yes I know you still aren't standing after this one, just brainstorming)
-- you could go retro with a body wave
-- swing through to shoulder roll
-- cast to whip salto (Kvisto) 8.301 in the code C value

Maybe the other girls on your team can help you invent your own unique way of getting up?
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