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Jan 9, 2008
Is there a difference in scoring if the gymnast uses the higher beam? They usually have 2 during the competition and my daughter who loves the beam also chooses the higher one but I notice that most girls choose the lower one. I asked her why but she says it's more of a challenge.
Feb 26, 2007
You mean she can choose at a meet? Here the beam is 125cm for under 12 and 135cm FUIG setting for over 12, that's it that's all.

There will be no difference in the scoring on this, I am sure it is the same way in the US.


I've never heard of that. I have only ever seen full height beams used in competition here in the uK. Sometimes on youtube I have noticed the beams are very low and often have mats under too. Perhaps it is for lower levels to make them feel more secure. Quite a nice idea to gets kids started in competition, Why not.

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
Here they don't compete until L4, but even at those sessions, I've never seen a "low" beam as an option. When we host compulsory meets, we never put a low beam out for warm up or competition.
Every once in a while we will get the option of a higher beam w/ the 8" mat, or the lower beam w/out the 8" mat. We will choose as a team so that the coach doesn't need to keep changing the beams. There is no change in the scoring that I have noticed, but I'm not sure. I usually like to go with the lower beam because it is less scary for me (I'm terrified of beam:eek:). However, this only has happened twice in three years of competing, so it is very rare that we will get a choice.
Dec 8, 2007
At meets we always have two high beams but ones a little lower than the other.At home meets almost everyone competes on the higher beam because its new and the lower one is a piece of junk. When we go to away meets, they also usually have two beams. You are allowed to pick but we usually end up going on the higher one to help people who have dismounts like gainer fulls where you can't be doing it off a lower beam. I hate beam so its just as bad if its a low beam or a high beam.
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