WAG Beam skill re-do/deduction question

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Proud Parent
Jun 20, 2022
My daughter has a BWO BHS series in her beam routine. At the last meet, she started the series, but her BWO was wonky (would've fallen completely off if she attempted the BHS), so she redid the whole series. What is the deduction for redo-ing an attempted skill? The series re-do and rest of the routine was pretty clean. She ended up getting a 9.475. Her highest this season so far is 9.625. She's just wondering how many points were taken off for that and if she could've maybe gotten a season best score. Thanks!
**DISCLAIMER: Not a judge or a coach, just a parent whose kid did this exact thing before!**

I'm pretty sure that there is no deduction for re-doing the skill, only for the form breaks in the BWO, and more if this led her routine to go overtime. My kid was told that as long as you don't do any given skill more than twice, there is not a deduction. So if she did a bad BWO, re-did a bad BWO, she could not make a 3rd attempt and would need to do a HS-BHS instead.

Hopefully someone more educated in scoring will chime in as well.
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I have no idea if there is a limit on attempts. But the above poster is correct in that the only deductions are for errors in performing the skill both times. So first backwalkover deductions for wonkiness, but 2nd could also have deductions for form errors. But usually it's a lot less than not having the series.
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