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Hello All!

I finally managed to get into the gym to watch some of the training in action! As requested by Bean, a video has been uploaded to my youtube, showing some of the fun!

I couldn't tell you what she was doing through most of the video, I guess progressions of some sort?! Hope you enjoy, and are all having a great summer!
WWOWWWWW!!! Really impressive, she's going to go far ! Keep working, you are beautiful to watch. Thank's for sharing. She will compete in witch categorie this year ?
Thanks for all the replys, both here and on youtube!! She is definitely having a blast, there were smiles all around the whole time we were there.

She's still 10 for another few months, but will compete as an 11 year old this upcoming season.

As for the level?? I don't actually know. Her goal is level 9, and pretty ambitious! As it stands now, she's got everything she needs skills wise, ready for level 8. Just need a floor routine! We won't know for sure for another couple of months, as her first qualifier will likely be in November.

Thanks again for all the warm feedback!

Rayna is looking very nice! Lots of progressions going on there - she is really trucking along!!!! I love it when they have a real burst in their skills - so much fun to watch!

Hope you are feeling better, too.
Wow Rayna!!!!! We loved watching your video. You are training some awesome skills. Keep working hard, you are an amazing gymnast!
Thanks Sparky, for thinking of me. This has been my most diffcult summer ever. Knowing my kids are having fun and flourishing is what keeps me going:)

And, yes!! JFISH!!! She gets to go!!!!!!!!!! For the last session of summer. She and 4 team mates are going as demonstrators while her coach teaches the level 3 coaching!!

It's an AMAZING opportunity for her, and I couldn't have sent her otherwise. You can see it here- Canadian Adventure Camp
I'm so happy she gets to go that will be so much fun!!

A friend of mine (we went to Easterns together) is also going to be a demonstrator...she has gone for the past couple years. I showed her the video of Rayna and she was blown away!
loooove her, she is such fun to watch and so talented! You can tell she just loves gymnastics....and that's what it's all about! She'll have a great season!
She looks fantastic! Can't wait until she gets a floor routine and you post that too!!!! Keep up the great work Rayna & keep having fun!

Bean looks wonderful. She really is getting to be an exceptional gymnast. It has been fun just the short time I have been here watching your videos about her and seeing her progression. She is definately on a fast track. I am excited to hear about her meet season this year. I think you had better clear out some space in her room for all of the medals she WILL be winning...


P.S. Love the new avatar by the way...:)
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