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Hi Everyone!

It's been awhile, so it's time for an update!

Our spring and summer here kicked off a little bit early. Some of you may remember that I was facing surgery for what looked to be a cancer recurrance. Turns out it was, so I had my surgery on June 12th. I'm midway through radiation, and find out my chemo start date next Tuesday.

My girls have been wonderful! I pulled them out of school 2.5 weeks early, so they could go stay with my sister while I started my recovery.

Bean was given the opportunity to train at another gym up in New Market during her stay. She had a great time! It was a gym where her cousing trains as a level 3, and they were warm and welcoming with her!! All around, it was a terrific opportunity and a wonderful experience!

Now they're all back home, and Bean's on to her summer training. They've changed their warm up and you should see the muscles developing on these little girls! The morning of the 2nd day, Bean was actually sore!! I didn't think that was possible anymore!

Over the past week, I've been in the gym twice..and during the 10 minutes or so, on one day I watched her land a double twist onto a mat, and yesterday, a double back off tumble track, onto a mat!! Who is this kid??

So her skills seem to be coming along beautifully. As with other years, she's training high, but will compete the level she's ready for. So we should know by mid-September if it'll be level 8 or level 9. And sometime in August, we'll find out what her new floor music will be!

Thanks for reading the update..
Good to hear from you. Glad you are coming along, I hope the treatments aren't too hard on you. Wonderful that you have family who will step in and help out when needed.

Sounds like Bean is coming along beautifully, I am sure she'll have another great year. When is she 11, makes me wonder if they would comsider national levels for her as she is still so young. hose new skills sound like so much fun.

Sending some healing fairies your way. I'll be thinking of you.
Saying some prayers for your treatment and recovery.

Wow, it sounds like Bean is doing amazing. Please keep us posted on which level she makes and her meets.
Sounds like your DD is coming along great with some impressive skills!:D

My thoughts are with you in your recovery. You are a great role model of strength for your DD :)
Wow, a lot going on in your life! I was wondering where you had gone and was hoping you were sounds like your surgery went well...they have come so far with cancer treatment, and Canada leads the way in many areas.

Bean is doing great :)! It sounds like she will be very ready for her next competitive season - I love summer training when they learn so many new skills, I know my dd loves it too.

Best wishes for a full recovery,

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