Bean's Last Qualifier

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Well, it turns out I may have been wrong about Bean being qualified. I thought, since she surpassed the qualifying score, she was in for Ontario Cup, but now I'm not sure. I just read a document that says they take an average score across 2qualifiers to determine if an athlete is qualified. Since she only gets 2, having missed the 1st, it puts a little pressure on!

So, she could use all the good luck you can offer. If she hits her routines, it shouldn't be a problem. She only needs a 46.35 AA or an 11.6 on each event, to average to the qualifying score. (out of a possible 13.8) If she misses...:(

This is so stressful to me! LOL, good thing it doesn't phase her the same way!

Anyone have some *consistency vibes*??
Feb 26, 2007
I understand that her club can take her to a thrid qualifier, if needed, as she missed her first meet due to injury.

Good luck Bean, I know you can do it. Have fun too!


Good luck! If she does as well as least meet, she should have any problems. It's amazing how stressed us moms can get, while our dd's don't seem to show it! I am beginning to understand why Nastia's mom leaves and doesn't watch her compete!


Yes, it is an avg of 2 scores - she'll do great! I will try to watch at least one rotation of her flight before we head out to lunch. We are always ravenous after that early flight. do you know which event she starts on?


Obviously she will be wearing a bowler hat and carrying a bunch of red roses like in all the best movies!
Sep 9, 2008
Good luck Bean! Best wishes to mom too!!!! Us poor moms will be old before our time!! Enjoy and have fun! We'll have our fingers crossed!


Our group will probaly be wearing lime green (some of us, anyway) but it's a big group... I will likely be carrying a black shoulder pack and DD's jacket, which is shiny & brown, among other things. And DD is starting on UB so you may see her FX depending on how early you arrive.
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so... how'd it go for her? out of curiosity were there any vault issues in your flight? there was something funky about that vault - I think you saw what happened in our flight and I have heard there was another similar incident in the last flight
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