beginner acro / partner skills

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We have a small group of girls who are putting together a routine and we'd like to include some partner/small group lifts and balances (and any other cool partner tricks?). The difficult part is that we only have 7 girls and they're almost all the same size! We have one girls who's strong enough to lift the smallest girl but the 'middle' 5 girls are VERY close in height and weight.

Any suggestions?


Jul 21, 2008
New Zealand
Have a look on you tube at the dynamite gymnastics club YouTube - dynamitegymnastics's Channel

They have videos of heaps of their displays, which include quite a few different partner/group balances. I'm in the same situation as you with only seven kids, but there were things in there that I think could be adapted to a smaller number. There are other groups, but this club just had heaps of vids, so didn't have to look too far. :)
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