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Dec 21, 2008
I am going to talk to my coach this week about getting some grips, and was looking to probably just start with the beginner grips. I was wondering if anyone else uses these, and what you think of them? I will of course get my coaches opinion as well, but I was just wondering first hand experience. Thanks!


go with the real grips with dowels. If your going to get them then why learn on beginners only to have to re learn on the dowels ones. There is a definite difference in how you use them so you do have to relearn your skills.

Talk to your coach and see what their preferance is.

For me I would rather see them with out the "beginner" ones and have tape on hands if that is the issue.
I would go with the real grips. I would also recommend getting buckle grips, because I have hear from some people (some people love it, though) that they come undone easily, and that they have even come undone in the middle of a routine. Even though the dowel grips are much more expensive, I think that they are definately worth it. Good luck with your decision.
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