Bent-legged Flicks

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One of the biggest problems I'm having at the moment is that whenever I do a flick, my legs always bend, before straightening again once I'm inverted. This happens when I'm doing it standing, from a roundoff, both on the fast track and with no spring at all. Here’s what I mean:

Fast track:
YouTube - Flick Fast Track.3G2


What is it that is making my legs do this, and how can I fix it? I keep telling myself 'Push hard with your legs straight', but it always happens the same way. As a result, I can never get any speed from it. Any help much appreciated!

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On both of these videos, I don't see any back handsprings. I think they are cut short somehow.
Oct 12, 2008
In answer to your question, especially for your ROBHS, do lots of RO rebounds making sure to keep your legs straight, and snap-down drills with a straight-legged rebound. Lots of people don't realize a running BHS and a standing BHS are initiated differently. Running BHS's, like a ROBHS, starts with a rebound, not a jump.

As to getting your legs straight on a standing BHS, if you have it, do BHS's on a pac-man mat, concentrating not so much on making it over, but just on getting your legs straight immediately after they leave the floor.

Pac-man mat:
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Not open for further replies.