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Mar 20, 2022
Just out of pure curiosity, in your opinion what do you think is the best age to start gymnastics? Personally, I started gymnastics at 8 years old, I did catch up quite well considering my late start but it took a lot of work. Sometimes I wonder where I would be if I started just a couple of years sooner. I think a good age to start gymnastics is 6 years old, not too young nor old. What do you think?


Proud Parent
Sep 27, 2013
I started mine in mommy and me classes as toddlers because my kids climbed everything and I wanted them to learn how to climb and fall safely. Plus it was a fantastic gross motor outlet which they needed a lot of. That being said, actual gymnastics instruction (skill wise) didn't really begin in earnest until they were 3-4 years old. Even then it was still very playful feeling. My boys did gym for fun for a few years. My daughter got serious about it and started preteam a few months before she turned 5. She was ready for the longer practices and focus then. Some kids aren't. It really depends on the child.
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rlm's mom

Proud Parent
Aug 21, 2021
I think 6 is an optimal age to get your kid into any sport. They’re old enough to listen to coaches, begin to understand body shapes and they have soooo much energy! For gymnastics I would say by 8 the latest if you want to make it to level 10 and have a chance of a college scholarship.


Proud Parent
Feb 13, 2015
When my daughter walked across the back of the free standing couch in our living room at 18 months. It start with mommy and me.

Now competing is entirely different. 6-8 depending on the kid. And hours should be limited.
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