Best and Worst Events?

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Oct 7, 2014
Favorite Event to Least Favorite Event

Best Event

Worst Event

What are your favorite, best, and worst events? :) events (in order) go floor, beam, vault, bars.
Favorite events to train floor, bars, beam, vault
Favorite events to compete floor, vault, beam, bars
I only do beam and floor so vault and bars are in 3rd and 4th place

But beans my favorite to train and I like to do it first at meets

Floors my favorite to compete, I like to preform
Best, in order: Vault, Beam, Floor, Bars
Favorites, in order: Beam, Vault, Bars, Floor
Bars is by far my weakest event! Last year in new level 6, my best on the other three events were VT: 9.675, BB: 9.5, & FX: 9.4. And then bars...8.5 :)
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Best event: vault
Worst event: bars

Favorite to least favorite to train:
Best Event: Vault
Worst Event: Bars
Favorite Event: Bars
I'm so backwards aren't I? My favorite event is also my worst :p
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Some of the events depend on what I'm doing on that particular day, but this is usually what it is:

Favorite Event: Bars, Beam (Can't decide!)
Best Event: Normally I'm pretty consistent so I can't really decide on this one, although my floor hasn't been that good lately. So basically everything except floor.
Worst Event: Last meet season it was vault, but I'm pretty sure that will change this season :) Right now, I would say floor.
Favorite: beam
Close second: Bars:p
Worst is vault probably, but I definitely need to work on new skills for bars. I love tumbling but floor routines aren't my favorite (they used to be in level 5).:rolleyes:
Best to worst:Vault, floor, beam, bars.
Favorite to least favorite:bars, floor, beam, vault.
Favorite to least favorite at competitions: Floor, bars, vault, beam
Favourite: Floor
Best: Beam
Worst: At the moment all are terrible. I used to be pretty horrible on Vault though.
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