WAG best exercise for straddle presses

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Dec 25, 2015
Ok, I just wrote a very long text explaining the whole situation but I will just make it simpler and ask the question right away.

There is a dancer, focusing on floor acrobatics (walkovers, handsprings, handstands) with good gymnastics technique. Workout is 5 days a week, 2 hrs a day including warm-ups, handprings and walkovers, handstands, core strength and then active and passive flexibility. She can already do 3 stalder straddle presses in row plus one stalder press with 2lbs ankle weights on each leg. Goal is to keep the current pressing strength and maybe improve so it gets even easier.

So basically the only "intense strength stuff" are the straddle press handstands and there are 30minutes a day that can be spent on presses. Wich workout would be best?

Number 1:
30 Stalder straddle presses with 2lbs ankle weights on each leg
3x100 handstand shoulder taps against a wall
3x10 hanging leg lifts

Number 2:
30 stalder straddle presses with 2lbs ankle weights on each leg
a few sets of 10 secs straddle L holds, straddle L rocks

Number 3:
30 straddle presses without weights in as less sets as possible
30 Stalder straddle presses with 2lbs ankle weights on each leg

which would be best and why?

thanks in advance
You could have her do them all on different days. To pick one I think number 1 is the best. It works not only ab muscles but also shoulder muscles which is important for presses.
Very slow controlled Negative HS Presses might be a good thing to throw in, really focusing on shrugging the shoulders to force them to stay open and thinking about rolling down from the hips, vertebrae by vertebrae. I know you mentioned 3x +1 w/ 2lbs, but it wasn't clear how controlled they were coming down, and DD says controlling coming down was harder for her.
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