Best hs meet this year yet!

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So on Saturday we had an invite with ten other teams.(my team got third) I competed floor and vault for varsity and did really good on both. I think my floor routine was the best yet this year, even though I only got a 8.1. The best part of my meet was vault and I competed my tsuk, which before that day I had never landed on my feet. So after trying to get my steps right in warmups and also trying my hardest to land on my feet, I just decided to kinda wing it. On my second vault I landed on my feet and was so excited I forgot where the judges were!:p I got hugs from my coaches and all my teammates, and I got third place out of 50 vaulters. I also got my very first varsity letter, as a freshman which makes me really happy too!:D
Dec 8, 2007
Thats awesome congrats! I wish my high school had gymnastics!
I have landed on my feet on a tsuk a couple times but never at a meet. I'm still waiting for that lol. I've only competed it 2 meets tho


Wow awesome job on the tsuk and getting your letter! Sounds like you deserved it! Keep up the good work!
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