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May 22, 2011
Warning: Caps lock may be abused in the following message. I apologize. xD

I did everything really well. I can get up about halfway in my kip by myself, and I do it really well with a spot. I did my squat-ons better than usual--usually I am a little scared of tripping, but I realized, if I just cast big and be confident, they're easy!--AND I got my back hip circle! With straight arms! AND straight legs! :D

Well, to start, I didn't fall off during warm-ups. xD Then we did round-off dismounts, which I haven't done in over a year, but then another girl didn't know how to do them. I asked the coach to explain them to her {yes...I was stalling because I was nervous to go xD} And of COURSE, the coach says, "Just show her one!" Then, that part of me that loves to show off to other people {you gotta admit, we all have that side to us...;)} said "GO!" and I did it! It wasn't great, but the next time I did it, the coach said it was really good. :D THEN I did my cartwheel on low beam and, since so few team members showed up, the head coach {who usually coaches team} was there and told me how to make my cartwheel better. Then she made me do my back walkover on the {hot pink!} foam beam. ONE TIME I did it right, the rest I either didn't lift my leg up early enough or I went over too slow or one hand missed the beam, but it's okay because at least I tried it! {I had done these before, but not for a while.} THEN we had to jump on a springboard and mount the high beam. I was really scared and I kept not jumping, even though the coach was there to grab our hands and help us balance. After my 3rd bail, the coach said, "Do this or you get push-ups!" And I did it! :D And last but not least, cartwheels. The coach spotted me on 2 and then said do it by yourself. I asked if I could drag a small mat under the high beam and she helped me get one. But, as I was about to get on the beam, like, 5 of the little girls in the class climbed onto the beam and started doing stuff. I asked for a turn but never got one. Then it was time to go to floor. I was sad that I didn't get to try mine. But then, before floor started, one girl told the head coach that she almost had her cartwheel on high beam, and then the head coach called out the names of all of the girls who had their cartwheel on low beam and said, "If at least one of these girls does their cartwheel, we all get a popsicle break!" Now, I was scared when it was my turn, so I just didn't try the first time. But then an imaginary person shouted in my head, "You do cartwheel, YOU GET POPSICLE" and I wanted a popsicle SO BAD that I did it! :D I got both feet on a few times but then I fell off to the side, but the head coach said it counted and we all got popsicles. :3

3} Floor
Today was all about back handsprings! One station was round-off off wedge mat, back handspring with head coach spotting. I didn't pause between the RO and BHS, and I did pretty good! :D Next station was BHS down a wedge mat. My first one was SO BAD, I don't even want to talk about what happened. xD But by the end, the coach said I almost had it by myself, and that she only had a hand on my back to help lift me up a bit. :3 And the last station was a spotted ROBH...on the floor! I hadn't done one of these in ages. So, the first time, I was scared of hitting the 2 coaches that were spotting so I did a floppy round-off, then jumped back like a wet noodle in a fail BHS. I got scolded and told I would get strength if I did that again; I told them that I was scared of hitting them, and they told me that they didn't close in until I landed my round-off, and that I had a good RO so I wouldn't hit them. I tried it again and I did really well! By the end, I almost had my ROBH by myself!!! :D

4} Tumble Trak
We had pretty much used up all our time on the other events, leaving no time for vault. So, we spent the last 10 minutes on the Tumble Trak. No, not a floor. It's a long trampoline that's bouncy, but not as bouncy as those square trampolines. First I just did my flyspring. {Those things are just so darn fun! :D} Then I asked to try my FHS-FS and the coach was like, "Uh...well, you can try." I landed my FHS but, instead of using my extra bounce to go into the flyspring, I flew forward, smashing my face into the Tumble Trak and skinning my knee. {I heard a bunch of people laugh. The coach actually laughed--because it's been FOREVER since I've tripped on a FHS--but she thought I was just attempting a FHS and when she found out I was trying to do a FHS-FS, she stopped laughing. xD} I tried again but the same thing happened. More people laughed. But I don't care because I'd rather try something hard and have little girls laugh at me then never try it and regret it forever.

So, YUP! Today was AWESOME! :D I know you probably don't care about any of that, but...oh well. xD
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Oct 3, 2011
The Gym
Yeah, in the past few years, I've realized that I LOVE to show off to people, but sometimes I don't feel like it.
But, that's good, now I'm craving popsicles.
May 9, 2012
Popsicles! Yum!!
One time we had this coach who nobody liked because he was a huge show off. We were on floor and he bet us that none of us could do a pike forward roll, and he was so sure he said he would give whoever did it a free popsicle (they sell them at our gym). So we were trying one and I did it! I kind of looked over at him and he was like :eek: and then pretended not to see it so he wouldn't have to give me one, but another coach was watching, and she was like :applause: Everyone was yelling at the coach that he owed me a popsicle. So he said he would give me one after practice, but then pretended to forget, so one of the other girls went up and yelled at him to give it to me, so I got a popsicle!
Now I want a popsicle.
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