WAG Best sneakers for Severs or Achilles tendinitis

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Apr 6, 2014
Looking for a sneaker recommendation for gymnasts suffering from Severs or Achilles tendinitis....TIA!
Also any recommendations for orthodontic inserts (not custom made).
Thank you!!
My daughter has Sever's and does well with the Superfeet insoles.

If your daughter wears adult-sized shoes, I'd take her to a specialty running store to be fitted for shoes and insoles. The staff can look at her foot structure and gait and recommend the best styles for her unique needs. Unfortunately, I haven't found a running store that offers more than one or two styles in kids' sizes.
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I completely agree with the above. A running store evaluated my DD for shoes and inserts. She was still in kids' sizes at the time but they were able to fit her with something. I just had to remind her going into it that we were there for her feet and the look of the shoes did not matter! When she was trying on a few different pair, I reminded her NOT to look at her feet, go with what felt good as she was walking. She ended up being very mature and picked the most comfy (and probably the ugliest option) pair of shoes. I basically told her she had to pick between gymnastics and being "cool" because her severs was out of control at that point. No more flip flops/uggs/toms etc. She wore those sneakers everyday until things got under control. Good luck! (Oh, and I think my daughter ended up with a pair of Brooks)
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We use the superfeet insoles as well. We have both the green and the thinner blue ones. She wears them in sneakers. We only tried one sports store which had the inserts but was not staffed by anyone helpful, which did not have the kids sizes. So it may be luck of the draw. Good luck!
I am curious. Do any of your daughters do any of their training in the sneakers?

My daughter had some heel pain that we thought was Severs. We now realize it might have been arthritis related. Cheetah cups helped but I have wondered about seeing if she could do some of her vault training in tennis shoes. Right now she is completely out of any training with impact but I am thinking about ways to reduce impact in the future. Thanks!

(BTW I am pretty sure her rheum. has recommended the Superfeet insoles before. I should look into those again.)
I second the brooks tennis shoes. I have had severs in the past and their the best. Online they had a thing were they evaluated you to see which pairs of shoes you should get. Either those or asics.

The thing with the superset insoles is their don't have any cushion. If you child likes cushion that isnt the route to go to.
I have no recommendations for shoes... however... my daughter has severs along with one of my other athletes. We have recently changed to the Bauerfeind AchilloTrain for floor and vault...


We are getting about 2.5x the amount of reps than we did with the Tulis Cheetas.

The AchilloTrain supports are much more expensive... but they are well worth it. Using the sizing chart that the company provided... both of our athletes were sized into a size that was one size too big. The smaller athlete (my daughter) still has to wrap hers on with cohesive (self adhesive) wrap.

The first video below is that athlete that does not wrap hers on... the second video is the athlete that wraps hers on with the cohesive tape...

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And by the way... don't pull on them super hard when putting them on... you'll rip them and be out $100.
Our orthopedist recommended Asics. They have lots of styles/colors so I can usually find a a pair that DD will like (which is important, because I still make her wear them every day).
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