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I have to decide which meet to sign up for close to states. I'm really interested to hear what coaches have to say.

We are only doing one.

Meet A would give 3 before states (3 weekends)

Meet B would give one week (one weekend) before states.

My gymmies meet prior to these 2 would be 5 weeks before meet A. She has already qualified for states so that is not a concern.

Which would you do and why?

And yes we are not required to do all our gyms meets. And no I really do not want to have a discussion about how odd it is, or bad or whatever. Or how incredulous it is. At our gym we pay as we go. This allows families to make decisions that work for their families and still have their kids to gym.
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I wish we didn’t have to do all of them. I would be skipping the one that’s a 9 hour drive. :p:D

In your case I would say meet A. That gives her recovery time before state. Dd’s Last meet is about 3 weeks before state too and I’m glad. I don’t think we would want to do back to back meets with state. It’s stressful enough when it’s just two back to back regular meets!
Meet A so there is time for last 'lil bit of tweaking.
It is also too long between the meet prior and then meet B.
And back to backs arent the greatest on anyone. For some bizarre reason we had to do that for my dd's level two season...and we all still remember how not so charming it was.:p:confused:
None of our coaches would put us in a meet the week before states. I think I'm inclined to agree with the boys' program director, who likes to do one two weeks out. In your situation, I agree that Meet A is the better choice.
I'll be the oddball out. Meet B.

If your DD is ready for Meet B and in prime competitive form keeping that form for 1 week will be easy. The 1 week also offers less time to be injured in the gym practicing, you can stay in meet mode and practice accordingly. If Meet B is successful staying confident will also be easy for 1 week. There are just as many reasons for not doing Meet B. You know your daughter better than anyone, maybe talking it out here will help you make the best decision for her.
Meet A.
1. Too long of a break between the previous meet and Meet B.
2. Meet B is too close to States.
3. If there is any tweaking to be done, Meet A allows more time.
4. Meet A also allows for Rest and Reset if it is a "Bad Meet" in her mind.

For the first time ever, we will have meets on 3 back-to-back Saturdays. This is because HC doesnt want to do a meet after Christmas break because THIS YEAR we are still on break until January 8 and the meet is Jan 6, so we would have to squeeze in 3 practices before the session starts... and we never do well on a meet after a 2+ week break and only 3 practices).
Some people are opting not to do the "meet in the middle" as it is about 3 hours away at a gym we havent competed at before, but have heard the facility is small. The other meets are both at home. After the last home meet, we have 6 weeks before our Championship meet.
I’d also vote for meet A. Our gym seems to have a meet every other week for most of the season, and that works well.

This year, for the first time, they have 2 meets on back-to-back weekends, and I think it seems like it might feel like a bit much. One is a travel meet and the other one is very close, so at least that’s a good one to put back-to-back with a travel meet.
Thank you all for the responses. Meet A is a gym/location I would rather not go to. :( (but that is completely about me)

I was sort of hoping for some compelling arguments for Meet B. And I kinda knew it should be Meet A. You all pretty much confirmed.

I will be gritting my teeth as I write the check.
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