BHS and press handstand?!

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Hi my name is kelli. I was wondering if anyone had some tips on how to practice a press handstand? I have done it against walls but i need to learn how to do it on a floor. thx! I also would like some drills for BHS's that you can do at home? If you have any, please post! My goal is to get my BHS by September! Thanks again! :D:D:D
Sep 21, 2008
If you can do a press against the wall, put a pillow on the floor, and start doing press "headstands"

Once those are easy (which they should be right away), go back to the wall, and use the wall less and less. When you are using the wall minimally (because you should be moving away from the wall the more your do them), you can try to do them without a wall support.

As for BHS at home... other than maybe doing back walk-overs to "feel" going backwards... it's not safe out of a gym. Not a whole lot you can do at home...


Lots of wall HS for time. 10, 20, 30, 60, 90. Basically create a really strong shoulder girdle.

HS back against wall, slow press down. Focus on lowering in straddle as slow as possible, as low as possible. Find out the point where you can then press/pull your back to HS against wall. 10 or 20 of these.

Press Headstand on floor in straddle then pike. Then elevate your head onto a few layers of a panel mat and practice it. This is mainly to build the lower back and core strength to lift your legs.

Lots of straddle hip flexor activation drills like straddle L holds.

BHS drills should be limited to strength and flexibility work. Back walkovers, limbers, kickovers. Leg lifts and v-ups.

Kick to arched handstand against wall, snap down to pushup position.

More HS work, free and off the wall.

Leg strength like squats, squat jump. 1/4 squat to jump as high as possible. Lunges and single leg squatting and jumping.

Arch rockers are reverse leg lifts ( like where you hang on a vault or pommel horse and lift your legs- however Headstand leg lifts work the same thing and are harder ).
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