bhs back tuck

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I wouldn't worry about getting the tuck tighter -- that's unimportant. What you need to do is get a better set. For somebody who just got the skill, you do it remarkably well. Nevertheless, here's what you can work on:

1. Don't throw your head back on takeoff. I always tell my kids that their head should be the last part of their body to start flipping.

2. Get your arms all the way up on the set. Your arms never made it higher than forehead level; ideally, you should take off with them stratched up toward the ceiling.

Good luck!
You're not too terribly open--I wouldn't worry about it too much. Now, that would be a slight problem if you were working on a double back, but for the back tuck it's fine. When you do your set try looking for something that is on the wall and keep looking for it as you flip. Good luck and keep up the great work!
For just learning it, it looks good.

Work some more back tucks on tramp and try to keep your head in a little more.

Also, snap down back tucks off a mini tramp.
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