BHS on beam

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Any suggestions to help keep straight arms and both hands on beam during a Back handspring for lv7? Does my daughter have tight shoulders? How can I help?:D


As far as keeping both hands on the beam I advise against doing the typical 'butterfly' position. Instead, put your hands so that one is slightly in front of the other and fits so that the front hand's bottom of thumb/wrist fits into the space between the thumb and index finger of the back hand.

As far as keeping your arms straight, try to concentrate on fixing that on the floor then it's the same thing when you go to the beam. Also, be sure to keep your shoulders open and your head in the proper position.
Feb 8, 2008
I put my hands like hammy explained, and from my experience I bend my arms when I jump either too much up or back. When I get the perfect amount of sit, lean, and jump then I don't bend my arms.
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