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Men's Artistic Gymnastics

Who will win Big 10s?

  • Illinois

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • Michigan

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • Nebraska

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Ohio State

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Penn State

    Votes: 3 60.0%

  • Total voters


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Jul 19, 2011
Region 9
The Big 10 Championships are this weekend!! The season has been wild and really, anyone could win it! Who do you think will win?
Holy Cow that was an amazing meet! it was anyone's meet almost up until the last competitor. The teams were incredible and really brought their best gymnastics! I think i heard a coach say that the meet had a hit rate of 95%.
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We had Regionals Friday night so couldn't watch, but were able to watch the event finals on the Big10 network on Saturday. Great gymnastics!
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Should have asked - were you at the Big 10s? Will you go the NCAA finals at Penn State in a few weeks?
I was at Big 10s and will be at NCs. My son is not competing due to an injury :( but we are coming anyway!
Attended both nights as my daughter's former gym mate competes for Ohio State. First time I got to go to men's meet live...and was absolutely amazing!
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