Parents Big brag - SHE DID IT!! (mill circle)

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May 17, 2010
Region 5
State meet is Sunday - and she's been working SO darn hard on this stupid mill circle. Told me she didn't care about medalling, as long as she got her mill circle.

Well tonight? She came running in from practice screaming "I GOT IT I GOT IT I GOT IT!!!!". Huge smile across her face, beaming with pride.

Hard work = confidence and personal pride

That, my friends, is what gymnastics is all about!
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WOOHOOO!!!! you are soo right Hard Work does =confidence and personal pride

WTG to your dd!! she should be soo proud of herself!!!
That's awesome that she got it. Sounds like she was very focused on getting it and it payed off. Good job to her.
Way to go with conquering the evil mill circle. It is a tough, frustrating skill for sure. My L4 DD is still battling it. If you'd like to share the mill circle fairies, send 'em on over! :)
I cannot stand that skill. :-( I swear that even though DD's mill circle got stronger as the season went on, I was still holding my breath even at her last meet this past weekend. Good luck to your girl this weekend!!
Congrats to her!! Hope she can brings it to the State meet! I am sure that would make her day!

I am thrilled to not have to hold my breath for the mill circle. Even after my DD had had 5+ meets with no falls on it, I would be worried. LOL. Now I worry she will fall on her squat on, something new to worry about, it never ends.
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