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Sorry but I need some place to vent and I don't really have any other place or anyone to talk to so sorry but here it goes. I started this job working for a real estate company that helps showing agents set up showings and things of that nature. There is a lot more to do than that but to save you and myself they grief of explaining in detail the pointless information thats all you need to know. So I just got out of training yesterday and I was supposed to go into work today but I called in sick because I was not told my schedule. I asked 4 times yesterday and was told ever single time that someone was going to come tell me; no one did. The last time some one was going to come tell me I was about to leave so I said i'll just wait right here and they said no we will just call you or if no one calls you just call in the morning at 7. So I call at 7 and no one answers I call at 8 no one answers I call again at 8:30 and just say I am sick and I am not coming in because that is ridiculous I am not putting my entire day on hold because someone else does not have their stuff together to tell someone when they are coming into work. Also there where three other people that went through training with me and all of their schedules are worked out fine. We are also supposed to have out stuff on the company website and their information is on the website but apparently I don't exist to them still. Also on the website we are supposed to have a list of when everyone goes on break for the week and I'm not on it at all and I am supposed to work 5 days this week. I don't get it, it has been two week they have had all of my information since day one so I have applied for 6 other jobs and the second I get another one I'm quitting. Sound like I'm over reacting or no?

Also, my boyfriend works for Enterprise Rent-A-Car and they his shift manager just doesn't like him so he has him schedules from 11-9 on Saturday by himself with no break and then 8-4 on Sunday with no break and 10-6 on Monday by himself with no break so he told the branch manager to change his schedule or he is quitting as soon as he finds a new job as well. Is he over reacting or no?


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Feb 26, 2007
In your BF's situation I can only imagine that it is illegal to work without specific breaks. I know most places these things are governed by law. You should encourage him to call the Department of Labor in your State. Check out this link, you can see if your State requires breaks U.S. Department of Labor — Employment Standards Administration (ESA) — Wage and Hour Division (WHD) — Minimum Length of Meal Period Required Under State Law For Adult Employees in Private Sector1/ January 1, 2008

As for your situatio

Tough work climate in the world these days, I feel for you.n I don't have much to add, but it seems they are not keen to give you work. If they are not paying you for your time, I would assume that you are free to find other work.

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Much as I sympathise with you about how you have been treated, I find it hard to condone calling in sick when you are not actually ill.

Something has obviously gone wrong with your employment startup if you have not received your schedule and you do not appear on this break list whereas all the others all have received their information correctly. It really sounds like something has "fallen through the cracks".

Quite honestly, things go wrong in big and small companies all the time. Mistakes happen.

I firmly believe that we should go through life treating others the way that we would like to be treated even if this is sometimes a lot better than they treated us.

If you really want the job, then I would contact a more senior manager than you have been dealing with to date. Explain the situation to them and give them an opportunity to rectify the situation.

Anyway, good luck!
I talked to the head manager on the phone yesterday after noon and she could not explain to me as to why none of my information was updated or why I was on the break sheet. So my boyfriend and I have both applied for new jobs as of last night. The whole reason we both applied at large companies is because we thought that protocol would be follow more closely but in both of our cases that has not been true so far. I guess you win some you lose some. Thank you both. I have been felling sick the past week but not ill enough to not go into to work; just used it as an excuse to not go into work because I am extremely miserable at that job. I have cried just about every day I have been there since I got hired. But anyways as soon as I find a new job I wont have to deal with it anymore.
So I quit because I am having knee surgery again next month as well as heart surgery and that was too much time requested off too soon for them and as for my boyfriend he got a new schedule that will do for now until he gets a new job so it looks like that whole situation got worked about a lot soon than I thought.
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