Big Meet This Weekend!

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Nov 9, 2007
Hard to believe it but it's time for Cates second meet of the season, seems like December just flew by here! We will be driving almost 5 hours to compete at Twistars in Lansing. The meet is always huge and oh those Michigan girls. Leaving here friday morning, Cate has a 10:30 am Sat start time, she loves it, but we want to see the level 8's go at 3:30 friday. Both girls are psyched to miss a day of school, after all they have been back for one whole day so far this week. Last year she got her states qualifiying score here, so lets hope it happens again. And don't forget to send those Bar Fairies!
Good Luck to Cate! She was so close last meet, I have no doubts she will get her qualifying score :D
goodluck to Cate

Good luck to Cate! This is one of my favorite meets with so much talent. I will be there as well with 2 sessions of 7s
Oh I'm sending my best wishes and good luck to Cate this weekend! She's so close, I bet she'll get that qualifying score this weekend. We can't wait to see the videos!

I'm sending all the fairies I can summon your way!!!

Best of luck, Cate! Kick some booty & get that State Qual. score! You're basically already there, so just do what you KNOW you can do!

Keep us posted! (((HUGS!!)))) :D
Not open for further replies.