Big meets in St. Louis or Memphis area

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Sep 3, 2005
If the Chalk Bucket Classic will be centrally located (St. Louis or Memphis)...what are some big meets in the area that we should stay away from?

Help me out here...this is important for two reasons.

  1. We won't get any local clubs if they are all at another large local competition.
  2. We don't want any 'bad blood'.

So far I have:

  • Meet Me In St. Louis - 1000+ athletes
  • GymQuarter's Invite - 750+ athletes
  • St. Louis Classic - 1100+ athletes
  • Flip Fest - 1700+ athletes
  • Nashville Nights - 700+ athletes

B Gymnast

Meet Me In St. Louis, GymQuarters, and St. Louis Classic are pretty musch the only big meets in Missouri. But I would also preobably stay away from Chicago Style and Circle of Stars.
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