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Feb 26, 2007
Ah well here goes. As most of you know she has been dealing with injury forever. One thing followed by another. Her ankle tendon strain was seemingly fine by Wed and her physio said she could try to tumble, guess what she sprained her wrist :eek::eek::eek:, I was so gobsmacked when she came home, speechless for once, and that is rare for me:D.

So she RICE'd and adviled for the next three days with me saying you can only compete if it all doesn't hurt.

So we went to the meet and she actually managed to compete all four, though it was not pretty. She vaulted for the first time in 5 weeks at the comp. Tumbled on the floor for the first time. Bars was not pretty, flailing limbs. Beam was awesome until she fell on her BWO, she only had to get on and do her salto dismount, but she looked so mournful as it is always her best.

I will save you the scores as they mean nothing compared to your system. She was sad, I keep telling her how proud she should be of her self. She so wants to be healthy and compete like she used to.

I would like, next year, for her to go back to our school system, they are only allowed to train 8 hours a week to compete at that level and she can still compete all the skills she has now. I think less hours will be better for her body, she obviously is not built for the stresses, and she will have a better chance of winning something once in a while.

She will train from now until September as always, then she will have to decide what to do.

As always, thanks for your understanding. Only you lot can get how much she loves this sport, and how she just doesn't want to stop. Hopefully now her comp season is over she can relax a little and just enjoy gym.


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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Tell Bigger Baby Bog we are so proud of her. It is so hard to come back after injury and compete. Just going to the meet and competing is an accomplishment she should be proud of (but, it is hard for the kids to see that).

DD had a similar thing happen. It was a nasty case of the flu - not an injury - but her first meet back she was still pretty fatigued and had missed so much gym time that she had a VERY rough meet. But, we expected that and were proud of her just trying. Amazingly my little perfectionist was perfectly happy w/ her worst meet ever. Who would have thought.

Anyway - give Bigger Baby Bog our hugs and tell her we are proud.
Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
Congratulations to your dd for just getting out there and competing after all the injuries. It is amazing that she can just push through even though she might not have had her best meet. You have to be proud of her for being strong and getting out there and competing:)
I wish her a wonderful off season and I am sure she looks forward to working on new skills:)
Congratulations Bigger Baby Bog on you competition season:) You did great!!!!!!!!


Oh, I'm so sorry to hear she was injured again. She sure has a ton of heart and desire! I feel so bad for her that her body won't cooperate for her. Congratulations to her on sticking it out and competing all four events even though no doubt it hurt her. I hope that she heals up and is injury free soon.

Jul 12, 2007
Unbelievable Bog! How is her wrist feeling now? Bigger baby bog NEEDS to just realize how amazing she is... my goodness, to compete even though I am sure it was not only not comfortable, but even painful?!! She is such a trooper! I am so proud of her for doing all 4 events. Especially since it has been up in the air for so very long, and she did not even know at one point if she could train vault & floor again... The girls has nerves AND grit! No matter what she decides to do, she can always hold her head up high & know that she accomplished & won a lot more then a "gold medal" ! :D


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Feb 26, 2007
She was very sore on Monday morning, old achilles thing flared up and wrist still a bit sore. She was alternately proud of herself for competing and sad for having a bad comp (her words not mine). I just kept telling her that she had amazed us all.

She didn't do gym on Monday, and is not tumbling or running for now, which bites as they are working new skills.

I am really hoping that she will see that reducing her hours next year and going into a more recreational competitive league would be just as much fun, she would be able to compete the apparatus she can and still qualify for our equivalent of States. All the skills she has competed this year are allowed and she could add in a few extra things for bonus points.

It would also mean both my kids would be in the same league for once, though not together, phew!

You know how much I love gymnastics, but preservation of her health is the most important thing. I cannot allow her to continue like she has these past two years. Competiting without the training that the other girls have had is not only unfair to her, but also too hard on her growing body.

A bit of success would also be good for her. Letting go of the higher level of competition is hard, they are a tight little group, have a really lovely leo and warm up (that apparently is a big deal:eek:).

I am hoping that by the end of the summer training she decides by herself to change, or I might have to turn into a "mother" and lay down the law, agh!

Thanks for the kind words, it always feels nice to have the support of other crazy parents!:D
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