Black Leo's Vs. Color

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I have heard that Black leos for competition is bad, because it shows all a gymnasts flaws. My thought is that if a gymnast has bad form, it's going to show no matter what color they are wearing.... any insite on this??
Never heard of that! I prefer black leo's on optional level gymnasts, it looks sophisticated and polished to me, not flawed. Call me old fashioned but I do like colors on the little girls.
Our comp leos are probably 2/3 black with some white design and a little red trim. The girls all look awesome in them. They seem to really give them a great body look. Black in leos seems to be "in" right now.
have had all black leos with a flash of colour for our regional team for many years. The older girls love them, we use them for the 11 and older crowd, the under 11 team wear the same design that is black and royal blue.

The top is a sparkly velour and the base is a lycra stretch with a metallic trim. With she sparkles it looks lovely, but just plain black would be a bit harsh. I do think the darker colours look better on the bigger girls as they show less, if you know what I mean.

Here are two photos of the style with the different colours. We have the black suits with pink, blue, lime green or purple trim, the girls get to choose which one!


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Our team leos are also mainly black with some dark purple at the top. I personally like the dark colors because it tends to hide flaws and just looks better. In contrast, dd's old cheerleading team used to have white sleeved uniform tops that showed EVERY FLAW in the routine. In a group environment like cheer, white is a really bad color because it shows every bent arm and out of sync motion. The cheer team ended up changing the uniform color because of that reason. Interesting, huh???
I've actually heard that about light colored sleeves, not black, but I don't think it's true. I see bent arms that are bent no matter what color is on them. I think it's kind of silly to be honest.
I like black bottomed leos for competition because then I can just wear black underwear under the leo and if it peaks out during the routine it's not noticeable.
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Ours were almost all black, every year. They would have some type of 'swirl' or trim in a gold, silver, or teal (one year ribbons of orange).

Like some others said, I think mostly black leos look really nice for competitions. One of the girls joked that they liked it because it didn't show sweat as easily :) We were in a very very humid gym that day.
As a 14 yo, I love black leo's! Our leo's this year are 3/4 length, all black mystique, with silver swarcovski crysals in a design on the front and back. My coaches say they look amazing and make us stand out :)

I also like black because if the gymnast sweats a lot you can't see it on the leotard. Black also makes your lines look a lot longer, too!
I think black leos are really classy! We had black and yellow one year which was yucky but usually everyone pulls off black :) And Khorki always wore black when she was feeling particularly diva-ish lol (or something to that effect) so I think it's a pretty good choice :)

Rhythmic gymnasts seem to always train in black, IDK why.
My team compete in black leos and I love them. You cant tell it that well from the pic but they are shimmery black lycra with a silver pattern across the right shoulder/arm. We are about to get new team leos and we requested that they are mainly black with maybe a bit of colour because it looks so classy and elegant. This is a picture of me and my team last year...Im second from the right but Im not actually wearing the comp leo!I was 14 in this pic...or I may have been 13 depending on when it was taken... I really cant remember! lol

My England junior national team leo at the moment is deep red which is nice too I think because its bold and daring but its not really revealing like some of the lighter colours....also it doesnt show if the waiting area floor where we sit or the beam or floor is a tiny bit dirty!!lol
Black leos are my favourite! They're so classy and elegant. I find that you may spot flaws easier in light colours, especially white.
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