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Nov 16, 2012
One of my gymnasts is trying to get her blind full. She can do it on single bar but not with a low bar. On single bar she still turns quite late sometimes but can still continue with a giant.

She also has the fundamentals like 3-4 giant half turns in a row with good form, legs together pushing the bar, on single bar. On floor bar she can blind full.

She has made this skill just a few times between the bars but she's nowhere near to consistent or competition ready.

She's tall and we can't move the bars any wider because she competes on the FIG setting. She's an older athlete who would really love to get this skill competition ready for this season, so I'm not looking for suggestions like "go back to giants for 3 years and try again then". It doesn't even really matter if she can't get them perfect, safe is just enough, because she doesn't have that many years ahead of her in the sport anymore.

Here's a video of her attemps one day this week:

I will try to find videos of her blind fulls on single bar too if that would help.

Thank you for the help!
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