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Feb 26, 2007
Both the Baby Bogs had a good gym morning today. Littlest got her Ro BHS BHS, it has been scaring her for a while (she has been working her RO BHS BT with a spot and it doesn't scare her, weird.) but today was her day and she did it 10 or so times and is feeling very pleased with herself. We don't have a tumbletrak or anything like that at the gym so the girls are always excited when they get anything new on floor.

Bigger Bog got her front full off the minitramp, she has wanted to do it for ages but of course she hasn't been able to try. Today it all came together and looked lovely. A long way from doing anything with it, but a great confidence booster for her. She also got her toe shoot from the low bar to the high bar yesterday, ends in a dead hang though, not very useful, but made her happy?;)


Glad to hear they are doing well and having fun. My gymmie always did better with bhs back tuck than bhs bhs. Sounds like bigger baby bog is making her comeback with style :)


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
Congrats to the bog duo on good gym days. The ROBHSBT looks harder than the 2 BHS!!!

My DD also got her ROBHSBHS a couple months ago. Funny this time last year I was the one complaining about how she landed on her head all the time doing just one, LOL

Strange as is sounds my DD is not afraid to do them and will do several in a row-maybe 3 or 4 but they look horrible and by the end, really frog-legged....form stinks. I sat thru end of practice one day last week & saw that they won't let her do 2 until she has perfect form for 1. That coach is so smart!

Anyway, I love good gyms days when they get excited about a skill!
Feb 26, 2007
Bigger Bog had another great day today, she finally was able to try to do her front tuck, she got it first try. She hasn't even been able to try this for two years due to her various injuries. She is totally thrilled, it is a bonus skill here as we don't have compulsories, as she will be able to use it this year and start adding to it.

Her confidence is growing with leaps and bounds, so lovely to see her happy about a new skill.

Thanks for all your kind words and all of your support whilst she has recovered. A little bit of good karma from each of you adds up to be a whole lot of great karma for one 12 year old.:cool:

You are the bomb! :highfive:


Great job Big Bog! It awesome when they finally get a skill- but it's even better when they can finally do the skill after various injuries. Good for her (and baby bog too!)

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
Awesome day for both the Bogs!! I'm sure your oldest is just so thrilled to be back and doing gymnastics again. Its been such a long painful road for her.

Those of us with tumble traks etc. may take getting some of those tumbling skills for granted. It must be extra tough learning to do all the tumbling on the floor.

Tell Bigger Bog, my gymmie got her toe shoot also. She was incredibly happy at 1st then said it didn't count because she can't kip out of it yet. It can be used in L8 here, but she thinks she'll stay with the baile, but keep working that toe shoot.
Even if it doesn't connect to anything its just nice to see them excited about a new skill.
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