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So glad to hear the surgery went well & they were able to eliminate the slippage problem:D!!! Wishing your DD a quick recovery so she can enjoy her summer ASAP!!! Sending the strength fairies for you too Bog! I know it's stressful being at a hospital when someone you love is a patient having/recovering from surgery. But I'll bet the hospital staff is grateful you are there with BB! Nurses like having mom's makes their job easier;)! (((hugs)))

So glad the surgery went well. Sending lots of positive energy for her recovery!!!
glad everything went well and that it is over! Hopefully a speedy recovery will follow!
So nice to read all the positive thoughts and prayers that are meant just for you and your family Bog. Thinking of you, your daughter and family. Best wishes!
Thank you everyone, this support is wonderful.

BB slept as well as one can with a roomful of beeping machines. The nurses are wonderful and her pain level is low. She expects to be walking a bit today. Hopefully home by Saturday. Now dors anyone know how to keep her from physical activities for three months? LOL
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Glad to hear BB is doing well. The no activity for 3 months could be a tough one...lot's of arts and crafts.
Glad to hear she is doing well. I hope she has a super fast recovery and that she doesn't cause you too much grief trying to be active.
I am just seeing this, prayers and hugs to BB and you and your family as you all will be her care and comfort thru this
Surgery is the absolute worst. Lots and lots of hugs for BB and you and prayers for everyone! <3
Glad to hear she is doing well. As for keeping her from being physical, I suggest books both fiction and nonfiction about anything she is interested in. Having friends over will also help, just prep them ahead of time about the no physical activity part. Also, how about having her pick a new skill to learn like, knitting, sewing, oragami etc. Of course movies, if she likes old films, maybe have her look a award winning films hand have her tell you if or why it should have won.

One more hint, don't baby her too much, if you act like she is "sick" then she will feel like it. Give her responsibilities at home within the doctor's rules.

That said, you are a wonderful mom, please remember to take care of your self. Sending you cheerful healing faries from Texas.
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Just seeing this now. Hope your daughter will have a speedy recovery. It was good she was able to get the surgery soon and that it is over with and I am sure each day she will be able to feel better. I know it is very hard to keep them from physical activity when they are so used to being active. Maybe you could encourage her to start a journal about her recovery process and she could share it will other girls who have to go through this or maybe she could take up learning a musical instrument. When her incision heals will she be able to swim that might be a good low impact choice.
Again sending you lots of healing fairies, support and hugs.
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