Bog's meet videos

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Her routine on tramp looked very nice! Good control and she appears very comfortable - too bad about the oops at the end, but other than that it looked lovely!

Thanks for sharing the vids Bog. I

thought that Bigger Bogs bars were much cleaner at Excel than at the last meet. That is what is sooo frustrating for girls about gymnastics judging. You can do a better routine and score less or vice versa. :( Nice tramp, so sorry about the fall and her not making provincials. Hope she is doing okay at practice.

Little Bog is always so fun to watch on floor. I am proud of her for thinking on the spot and putting in the cartwheel, she went for it. :D Sometimes those things pay off and sometimes they don't.

Everytime I watch your DDs videos, I wish she didn't have to do compulsories. I can sometimes understand her old gyms rush to get them to optionals, because it must be more fun to do your own routines, but it comes at a cost here with the hours, more dangerous skills, etc. I wish we had another type of league here in AZ as well, like prep-op, MDL, USAIGC, anything!! :D
Yes I can see how our system looks fun. It is great for my girls, I don't want them to do a lot of hours and if they were in the US I am sure they would not be on team at most gyms, they are able to compete on any or all of the 5 apparatus and that is great. But clearly this sytem is not the way to go if you're looking to college or elite.

Bigger Bog is in the top level in this sytem and she can either stay in it for the rest of high school and not use any higher skills she gets/has or she can go into the civile system which is a challenge on 9 hours a week training.

It is nice to have the choice for sure and the girls get so excited about making up routines. Baby Bog had Winnie the Pooh for two years, now Inspector Gadget and then next year she gets to have another new floor routine.
Thanks for sharing your videos! Your girls did a fabulous job! They should be proud!
They did a great job all round. Super work on 9 hours a week!
Nice vids & god job, baby bog & bigger baby bog!

I agree w/ mariposa. T's bars really improved at the excel meet. She deserved a better score. Such is the always subjective and rarely fair sport of gymnastics, SIGH!

How has T's week been at practice? Is she hanging in there? I know she may have only been a couple of times, but I wanted to check!

T has only been to gym once this week and they are having free courses for this week, as in they get to mess around in the gym. Next week is back to routines as the first provincials is in less than two weeks. It is also Easter so many girls have gone away.

I booked a trip to Vancouver and Seatlle for me and T the weekend of the Provincials, we'll go see our good friends and have a Mom and DD weekend.
Those videos were great! I love the idea of tramp as an event. Big Bog's routine was excellent! Your girls are really coming along. Baby bog is so adorable!!! She seems so easy going. Great job to both!!
I really enjoyed the videos, Bog. I love that they get to compete tramp along with the other events. Too fun!! Congrats to the girls. They look like they're having the time of their lives :)
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