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Feb 26, 2007
So, I have time to kill before the MAG team comp starts on CBC in Canada, for once we are the lucky ones.:p SO I thought I give you a quickish update on how my oldest DD, just turned 12 yesterday, has been doing. As many of you know she has been struggling with constant injuries for two years.

About two months ago she took five weeks off gym and began taking Oscon (vitamin supplement aimed at Osgood and severs), she also continued her twice daily stretching, icing and eventually moved back into her strengthening programe too. She is followed by a sport therapist.

After a month of this treatment she appears to be 100% pain free, but we are being very cautious, we have been here before.

Right now she is in the gym about 15 hours a week and has been able to attend gym camp for two weeks as well, she did not do hard floor or vault at camp, but did airtrack and tumble track. She has begun to tumble on the floor at gym again and is feeling no pain. It is taking a while for her confidence to return, but her old skills are back and she is working on skills that she was beginning on two years back, beam BHS, cast handstand etc.

We are not sure what level she will compete in fall, if she competes at all this year, she has been given the option to just train for now.

We are taking it one day at a time, she is still loving gym and we are happy for her to be there.

Thanks to all of you who have wished her well, you know who you are, I am sure all your good karma has helped.
Jul 12, 2007
WAHHHOOOOO! That is fabulous news for bigger baby bog!

I feel such a relief for her, can't even imagine how she is feeling.... just as you said stay cautious and haver her take her time -

but 100% pain free is not something she has been able to enjoy in the gym in a very long time - so this sounds very positive!


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
That is awesome news! I am so glad that she is pain free and able to do what she loves. Positive vibes that it continues this way for her. :D

Deleted member 1703

We have also seen a great improvement in my 11 year old daughter's knees since starting Oscon (see Osgood Schlatters thread). She says that the pain has gone now, too!!

Great news about your daughter's recovery - I hope she goes from strength to strength.


Oh I am so glad to hear she is doing better. What a relief it must be to her to be able to go to gym and not hurt !!!! I am glad she is being smart by easing back in to give her body a chance to readjust to the training schedule. I look forward to your posts letting us know how great she is doing and that she got those new skills she left off working on :D

I think we should get a cut from the oscon people for advertising - my dd had issues with sever's and the oscon worked magic for her.


Proud Parent
Feb 19, 2007
That is fantastics news. The most important thing is that she remain pain- and injury-free! Her confidence will continue to increase. It's also great to hear that her "old" skills are coming back as well!! Give her a big hug!

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