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Feb 26, 2007
For those of you who have been around for a while, I thought I'd let you know how my 11 year old DD is doing with her recovery. She had hip bursitis caused by scoliosis and achilles tendons issues (growth spurth we think). She has not been vaulting, jumping, running etc since April due to pain.

DD has been stretching, biking and strengthening twice a day since the injuries began, she ices two or three times a day. She has been remarkably compliant with the regime, hard to take two hours a day to rehab when you're 11.

So she is back in the gym, she is now allowed to do little jumps, jogging, dismounts into resi pits and easy tumbling of mini tramp into resi's. She is very happy about that.

The hardest things are getting back her skills, no gym for such a long time means that she is watching her team mates who got many new skills over the summer whilst she tries to work out why she can't get her kip on the high bar any more, and where did her splits go:eek:. She has not even lookied at vault or real tumbling yet.

She seems to be taking it all in her stride. She will not go up a level this year, as was originally planned, but she will stay at the same level. She might water down her floor tumbling a bit and we really do not know whether she will be able to vault at all.

The joy is, she is pain free and thrilled to be back with her team mates (they are a very tight bunch) and her lovely coach. The coach has been very accomodating and always checks what she can do.

Things are looking great for her. They are getting new team suits for their first comp in Dec and she is really looking forward to that.

Thanks to all of you who have pm'd kind words to her.
Jul 12, 2007
bogwoppit - 1st off we are thrilled that she is pain free!! That has to be such a wonderful feeling for her (and her very supportive family). Please tell your dd that we are following her progress and are so incredibly proud of her for sticking to her rehab schedule... She is so young, but really handled her situation with such a maturity that she also needs to be incredibly proud of herself. We will continue to root for her, and are looking forward to hearing about how well she progresses through the season. At 11 she has already accomplished so much:D. Keep me updated - nic
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