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Jul 14, 2009
Bonney Lake, WA
As a parent of a compulsory gymnast, knowing nothing about gymnastics has not been that hard for me up to this point as everyone is doing the same routines and it is easy to see how well everyone is doing compared to everyone else.

I am seeing though that I am going to need to learn the names, difficulties, etc. of the various elements as watching the optional gymnasts is very confusing as they are all doing different things and it is harder to judge the performance of one vs. another.

An added bonus is that when my daughter or other parents rattle off their routines I won't look at them like they are speaking another language.

Any good books or web-sites that break it down? I figure I have at least one season before she moves up which gives me a little time to get a head start :)

Feb 26, 2007
THe following website has a lot of descriptions and even video of optional level skills. Here is a link Gymnastics Skills Index

Links to video of bar skills YouTube - Bars Release Dictionary

Some beam skills YouTube - Acrobatic Guide: Balance Beam Gymnastics though the values may differ for USAG as they were for FIG vaules.

Tumbling guide YouTube - Gymnastics Tumbling Guide, with the same advice as above.

Vault guide 1 YouTube - Gymnastics Vault Guide: Part 1 vault guide 2 YouTube - Gymnastics Vault Guide: Part 2.

After you have finished with those look through the cannel you are on, the user has some amazing and educational videos.

Also feel free to ask the coaches for info, they are a great gang and very informed.
Not open for further replies.