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Oct 29, 2007

There is a topic being brought up at our next Booster club meeting. Some think that when voting, making decisions, etc each FAMILY should get a vote, others think each GYMNAST should get a vote. We have a very small team and there are 3 families with 2-3 gymnasts which is not quite half the team.

Some say that it should be per FAMILY, otherwise those 3 families would be running the show so to speak.

Others say that it should be per GYMNAST. If a vote is made, it affects those families 2-3 times as much. For example, if we vote to get team T-shirts at a cost of $12 per girl, those families would pay 2-3 times as much. Assessments for the booster club are charged by the gymnast, not the family.

Any opinions??
We have had the same discussion at our booster club about families with multiple kids on the team. The voting issue never came up, but the issue that did come up is how to divide fundraising money - do we give it per family or per gymnast? Dues are charged per gymnast, because competition fees and coaches expenses are for each individual kid. However, when fundraising, the one family basically puts in as much time and effort as any other family, yet if we were to distribute the money per kid they would get twice or sometimes 3 times more than the other families with only one gymnast on the team.

It's is a tough and touchy subect.
It should be written in the bylaws. If it's not, it may be time to vote on an amendment. At old gym we did one vote per parent per gymnast. If both parents attended meetings and they had two gymnast on team, they were both allowed to vote. We never had any close votes, so we never had any problems. New gym we don't have booster club yet.
Certainly check your by laws and if there is nothing in there about voting, then the booster club should amend them. Our booster club is 1 vote/family and it must be a parent voting.
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