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gym monkeys mom

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Oct 3, 2007
Here is a short history.

Our club is 9 years old and our booster Club is about 5years old.

We have made huge progress in the last 3 years of our booster club thanks to some dedicated people working hard to set policy. We still have some policy to go such as financial and possibly term limits for board positions.

I have some questions on how others do things;

First what responsibilites does your booster club have???

What are your officer positions and their responsibilities??

Do you have term limits for your officer positions??

I only ask to get some clue what other Boosters are doing and to try and set fair policy. We are becoming a big booster and need some policy.

Currently I have done my booster job for about 4 years it has evolved greatly to include : meet registrations for all girls team, calling on accounts with no $$ in them, informing parents and coaches of schedules of meets and locations, Hotel reservations for team kids and coaches, USAG renewals and even updates on USAG info. Lots of reminding peeps of things.

Thanks for your help
Below are the positions we have on our board and their descriptions, I am working on nominations right now, so I just copied this from our info sheet. We currently don't have term limits, We are just glad to get anyone who will decide to run and help out. Our coaches and families make their own hotel reservations, We used to make the coaches, but it got so complicated discussing with them what nights they wanted, remembering to cancel the nights they didn't need once the schedule came out, etc.. that it became easier for them to be responsible for their own.

The President presides over meetings, calls Board and General meetings. Signs Checks, sits on the Budget committee, Reviews the By-Laws Annually,makes sure the General Membership is informed.

In Charge of Membership, Orientation of New Members, issues Team Handbook,Order Team competition and spirit apparel, approves the budget,Presides in Absence of President

Coordinates fundraising events, Signs Checks, approves the budget

In Charge of Events, Plans parties, Outings, Banquets. Approves the budget

Signs Checks, manages the Funds, Maintains individual Accounts. Balances the books, Sits on the Budget Committee, Works with the person Entering the gymnasts in meets to make sure they are entered on Time,Figures and Pays the coaches expenses.

Records and distributes Board Meeting Minutes, Writes Thank You notes and Correspondence, Enters the Gymnasts in meets and Updates USAG #'s.Maintain gymnast directory, approves the budget

The following are Appointed Positions by the Board
Meet Director, has voting privileges if pertaining to Meets
New Parent Representative, has no voting privileges
We just elected new officers. Have a pres, v.pres, sec and treasurer. Also the team level reps and bingo manager are board positions. Secretary handles sending out emails from coaches, other parents etc, treasurer also works with the folks in accounting at the meets, v.pres helps with social events and welcoming new parents. There are term limits(3 yrs) for each officer and they have it divided so that no more than 2 officers come up for election at a time. Team level reps usually only do it for 1 yr.
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