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Compensation for all the time put in by board members. The time the treasurer spends on accounting and time spent in preparing a home meet, meetings and so forth. Or does that fall under just volunteering.
I've never heard of a booster club that gets compensated. (Other than funds and materials that go directly to the team).

I thought that was the point of a booster club...volunteering your time. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Wouldn't you have to get your parents to go along with that or is that something the executive board votes on.
The point of a booster club is to offset personal out of pocket expenses by volunteering your time. You are compensated. The compensation is the reduced out of your own pocket costs for gymnastics.
So, if your booster club is a 501c3, it is against the rules to give extra compensation for any work. Every person in the club receives the same benefit regardless of amount of work. Not always fair, but that that is the way it goes. If you are giving extra benefits outside of what everyone else receives, then you can lose your status.

Most are set up to benefit the gymnasts only...meaning that you cannot pay for anything outside of normal gymnastics expenses (tuition is not included in that).

If you are not 501c3, then there are different rules, and I do not know those.
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We are not a 501c3. Fundraiser leaders receive a small credit in addition to whatever benefit is paid out by the actual fundraiser. Leadership roles within the booster club (except for fundraiser leaders) are not given any extra credit for their role/time. We have an ongoing fundraiser and volunteers who help with this are also given a small credit.
Notthatmom the parents being gymnasts/team parents.
The parents should know going into it what to expect. When joining a booster club, usually you are aware of what comes with it and how you will benefit from it.

If that makes any sense....

But as others have said, you get "compensated" in the form of a small credit towards gym tuition/fees, if that's the way your booster club works.
We do not have a booster club, we have to volunteer at meets for a certain amount of hours, plus more if you want, and can get $$ off of certain fees, etc. Parents also volunteer for various other fundraisers and gym events.
I stumbled across this presentation that breaks down the details of a booster club. After reading this, if it doesn't follow the non-profit guidelines, it kind of seems as if it shouldn't even be allowed to be called a booster club.

https://usagym.org/PDFs/Member Services/webinars/dec14.pdf

The whole point of it is to raise funds for the team and the gym, so I still don't understand what other types of "compensation" would even be necessary, or where it would come from.
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