WAG Bowling Green summer camp

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May 19, 2014
Has anyone's DD ever attended? Any thoughts or information about how well it is run?

DD loves Bowling Green and wants to attend this summer. She is a 10 year old just finished with her L4 season training for L6 (her gym scores out of L5). She wants to go to camp to do gymnastics, live in a dorm, make friends, etc. She isn't trying to get her face in front of potential recruiters.
A gymnast from our gym went there last year & had a great experience. She really liked it. She is Lv 6 and was about 11 years old.
DD's friend went last year and had a great time.
I might be wrong, but I thought you had to be 12 to stay on campus (NCAA rules) so many of our younger gymmies who go to college camps stay at a hotel with a parent.
I don't see anything on their website, but Univ of KY is 12 to stay in the dorms. But a quick google search seems to say some schools let 10 yo (MSU)
Thanks for the heads up about the possible age issue. She will be 11 before the camp, but I will definitely get ahold of them. Part of the draw of the camp for her (and me) is the overnight aspect. I am looking forward to a break from gymnastics chat for a couple of days.
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