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Just wondering how many of you out there have a boyfriend. One of the girls in my team does and I just dont understand how she has the time lol! We're in the gym 30 hours a week and when we're not i always seem to be doing school work. All my friends at school have them but I dont mind because I get more out of gymnastics and I love it more than anything! Just wondering how many of you have boyfriends and how you find the time to see them around gym practice!


Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
I used to had boyfriends in the past, but right now i don't. I think i would be able to manage it. You can see them at school and on the weekends, and that is enough for me :)
My last boyfriend and I broke up because he was ALWAYS wanting to hang out and stuff, and I kinda got tired of it! For somereason, i would rather sit at home doing my own gymnastics stuff than hang out with him. I guess i'm just not that interested in boys!! LOL.
My last boyfriend and I broke up because he was ALWAYS wanting to hang out and stuff, and I kinda got tired of it! For somereason, i would rather sit at home doing my own gymnastics stuff than hang out with him. I guess i'm just not that interested in boys!! LOL.

That sounds a little like me, except we're still together:)Yea i have a boyfriend...but we don't really go on dates.Mostly because I'm too obsessed with gymnastics to go on dates and the other because i just don't enjoy it that much...a bit akward.I'd rather do gymnastics around the house too:D good to see im not alone:)
Sep 19, 2008
I have a Boyfriend. But I don't go as many hours as some of you (around 10,.. but we do go 4 times a week) and I'm also a bit older.

To me, it's pretty easy. He might be the love of your life, then it'll work out, he'll understand and it'll be fine. But more than likely, if you're in high school, he's not... and then just see what your priorities are. It can be a great experience,... but if it restricts you in everything else you'Re doing, then it's probably not working... just depends on how important gymnastics is for you. If he's understanding though, then great...
I have in the past but do not now. he wanted ALL my time so i was like you know what? you cant deal with gymnastics being life? well then i guess i dont need you? my lesson learned from this? having friends that you can just talk to and hang out with guy and girl is most fun. who else can you have a monstrous burping contest with?? only a good guy friend of course lol =]
You can see them at school and on the weekends, and that is enough for me :)

Ah see theres one difference...I go to a girls school so i wouldnt be able to see them at school either! Im really not bothered about getting a boyfriend because I dont feel that I could love anything more than gymnastics but my teammate just bugs me...she seems to find our training session too long to go without seeing her bf! She talks about him the whole time and constantly complains about not being able to see him! Its really annoying and kinda demoralising to have someone complaining through the whole workout! I just try to ignore her but sometimes she gets on my nerves so much lol! I just want to shake her and say get a grip! Look at the talent you have! Why waste it on a guy who to be honest you probably wont even know in a few years! Sounds harsh but sometimes i just dont get her lol!
Sep 9, 2007
Has your coach not said anything yet? Mines certainly would have already lol... you could just sigh really loudly or change the subject every time she starts to talk. She'll get the message!

I did have a boyfriend during gymnastics (still do ), although gymnastics always came first, which luckily he got because he played football (soccer) and that always came first for him as well. If you really like each other, you'll make it work :lovestruck:

(We sound like we don't care about each other. We do. But its not in a loveydovey cheesy way, we're private people)
Its quite funny because my coach doesnt like to single people out and make them embarrassed but he's noticed that she's not really that focused so at the end of practice he keeps sitting our whole team down and having these convetrsations about how gym should be coming first and we cant afford to have distractions! Its so funny because he doesnt mention boyfriends at all (he's quite shy lol i love him for it!) but he hints at it so strongly! Me and my other teammates have started to just ignore her when she talks about him but she doesnt seem to have got the picture yet!
And fishchimes.....I totally agree with you lol!


Well, most of you know i'm a boy, and I was going out with a gymnast last year. Looking back on it, I have no idea how it worked out for so long....I guess she just had no free time because any time she wasn't in gym she was hanging out with me. I kind of didn't mind at first because I thought gym was cool and we would like hang out and she would teach me gym stuff. It was what got me so interested in gym. But after a while, it was just getting to be a bit much for us. So we are both single, she quit gym, and now I'm the one going to gym all the time!

I think its better to do gym while you are young and save the bf/gf stuff until you are older and more mature. When you are doing gym you need friends more then bfs and gfs, and i dont think you can really look at relationships in a mature way when you are still in HS.

But there is no shortage of attention given to me by all the girls at the gym ;). They flirt with me all the time! It adds an element of fun but without any pressure which is nice.

Geoffrey Taucer

Staff member
Gold Membership
Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
Obviously my ability to give advice here is very limited, but I will say this: gymnastics is at its best when you're young. Love, however, gets better as you get older. There is nothing wrong with finding time for both, if you can manage it, but my opinion (admittedly an opinion completely devoid of any real expertise in the matter) is that if you have to choose, you should choose gymnastics while you're young. Love can wait.


yes i have one and he does gymnastics 2 i dont c how he has time 4 homework lol!!!
Jul 28, 2009
gymnastics is my boyfriend. haha...just kidding.
i've tried having boyfriends when i was a bit younger and it just didn't work with 22 hours a week of gym. when i had them i was a lot less focused and i'd even skip practice just to hang out with them. then my coach sat me down because she knew about me skipping and stuff and long story short she said it was either him or gymnastics. of course i picked gymnastics:) boys are just too much of a distraction when you're a serious gymnast. they can wait! guy friends, on the other hand, aren't that bad. a lot of my guy friends will come to practice and encourage me. but if they start distracting me my coach tells them to leave. haha.
Nov 14, 2009
I know this is a relatively old thread, but felt I needed to post.
I don't think you really need to worry about boys just yet, if one comes along and you like him, go for it, but don't just go searching for one.
For me, I've had a boyfriend for three years now, and he's been hugely supportive, he totally understands the whole gym thing - I can go to him with any problems or mental blocks i have and hes really encouraging.
And he's got his band to deal with aswel, so like I-Heart-Beam we both have to take time away from each other. I think a lot of gymnasts don't realise that guys have prior commitments too, so the door swings both ways.
Nov 28, 2009
I had a boy friend but we broke up because i never had time to hang out with him between school and gym. i know there are some girls on my time that have them and are doing just fine with them. i think it all depends on how busy you are and how understanding your boy friend is to the fact that you are doing something you love!


I haven't been interested in anyone since I joined the gymnastics team two years ago. I'm too busy to have romantic feelings! Also, I spend so much time trying to get my body to do flips and kips, I don't think I'd be able to give my body to someone else. It's just 100% mine...well, if you want to get technical, it's 80% mine, 10% my coaches', and 10% my parents.

Actually, two years ago (the Pre-Gymnastics Era), I'd had a girlfriend for a while. I would also feel uncomfortable going out with a girl now because word would probably get around and a couple of my coaches are decidedly non-tolerant about that sort of thing.


Gymnastics is really time consuming, so I dont really have time for a boyfriend. Although I do talk to guys, its hard to find time to really hang out with them. I found out the perfect way to find the perfect guy though- take him to one of your practices! If hes worth it, he will be amazed by our impressive strength (hehe) and he will understand why he doesnt get to spend all his time with you.
But before you date someone, at least tell them straight up that you cant spend oodles of time with them anyway- let them know that gymnastics comes first! Boys will always be around, but gymnastics only lasts for so long. Live it up! And hey, if you can find a guy who can deal with our schedule and our constant gymnast language, GO FOR IT! :)
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