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Midget's Dad

This has been a big weekend for Midget.

She has really had her BHS for a while, she just hasn't realized how little spotting she was really getting. But she just needed that hand back there and a touch on the back to do it.

Well Friday night the gym had a BHS clinic and one of her team coaches started spotting her with her pinky! And it finally clicked. She nailed it again and again. And they were pretty too LOL.

I was a little nervous that she would leave and then lose it but she was back in the gym Saturday for a Bday party and got to show the HC she had it and no issues yet.


Oh and the other thing is she got her ears pierced.

Not sure which she is more proud of.
What a big weekend, congrats on that BHS, such a big girls skill. Bet her new earrings look lovely when she tumbles.
Woohoo! Congratulations.What a confidence booster.What came first? The BHS or the earings?
Woohoo! Congratulations.What a confidence booster.What came first? The BHS or the earings?

BHS first. She has been asking for her ears pierced for a few weeks and we let her get them done Saturday morning.
BHS is big news!!!! My dd struggled and struggled with it, and hers still isn't that pretty!:eek: So way to go, Bella!
Wow!! Congrats to Bella. That BHS is a biggie. I think it is when they first really start to feel like big girl gymmies. I am sure she loves her ears pieced, too. My 3 1/2 year old just got hers done a few weeks ago and she loves them. :)
Way to go Bella!! Congrats on the bhs - that is awesome! The earrings are sort of a reward! My dd got hers pierced last September as a reward for getting all her L5 skills and she loves wearing earrings that match her leos!

I love new skill news!!

And newly pierced ears are also very exciting! Hope she's not expecting some sort of new jewellery every time she gets a new skill though!! lol
Congrats Bella! That BHS really lets you tumble! I bet those earrings are sparkling with pride!
WTG Bella! It can only get better from here! Have a great season! Enjoy your new skills and your newly pierced ears!!
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