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May 26, 2008
I just wanted to brag a little bit. I was watching my DD at gym this week and I am so amazed at how much she has improved and how rapid the improvement has been. I really didn't see why they invited her to be in the developmental class to begin with. To me she showed no special ability and she was the only kid in her class that they moved. Many kids in her preschool class could do more than her.

After a few classes I was happy with how she was enjoying the class and that it was giving her the chance to learn so many new things, but it was clear that she was really behind where the others were. I figured it was totally normal due to the age difference.

I'm a bad mom because I don't actually watch practice too much. You can only watch so many cartwheels. I usually read or chat with other moms. Today I actually paid attention and she has totally caught up to the other girls. I was really amazed. She looks so good and the difference in just a few weeks is really dramatic. I expected it to take her months to catch up. She couldn't do a cartwheel just a few weeks ago and then she started doing a really ugly cartwheel. Today she was doing pretty cartwheels and a surprisingly really good roundoff. Roundoffs seem to be easier for her than cartwheels.

So there's my brag.
That is so exciting. :D I love to see the progression.

you sound just like a mom at our gym. Just could not see her daughter catching up w/ the other girls in her group. I told her she would be surprised. Not too long later she was very impressed.
Good for her. I remember thinking the same thing with my DD at her current gym. I didn't see why the coach was moving her, but apparently she could see things I couldn't. She caught up with the group quickly as well. It is amazing how fast the little kids learn things.
She seems to adapt well to what others are doing around her. She is so young that when she sees others doing things she just follows along. I'm beginning to think it's an advantage for her to be with older kids.

Melmonette I was just reading your post about your DD training with the level 4's and then getting asked to stay. Maybe she is the same. When given the opportunity and challenged she rises to level of those around her.
Good for her! Just goes to show you how much they improve in a matter of weeks:D Is she the youngest on her team?
She is the youngest. The closest is a year and a few months older. Then there is qute a gap as the other 3 girls are going to be 7. I've heard there is another girl who is just 4, but she has not been here this summer. The others said she cries a lot and either doesn't want to do gymnastics at all or maybe the class is just too long for her.
We had that too

and I remenber thinking the same thing, that it will take a while for my DD to catch up to the "older" girls. I think you are right, having the older ones to watch and copy can help our little ones to pick up skills fast.

How exciting! :)
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