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She FINALLY got a ROBHS,BHS, after about 6 mos of trying.!! Her coach had to spot a little on that second one, but so what! She was so excited, she kept asking on the way home if it "looked" hard. Do we think we could do it? Did we do that when we were her age? . I told her sure, I could do that any old time, I just don't feel like it!:p She liked that, hehe! Just had to brag a little!!!


Yay!! Congratz! My girls do that to me after every practice I watch... "Did you see what I did?"...."Wasn't that cool when I was on floor doing that?" LOL.:D;)


That is awesome - good for her :) It is too funny - I always joke around and say - yeah I can do that too, I just don't like to show off :D


Yeah, I do that too. I tell the team girls that I'd go out there and show them how its done but I'd hate to embarrass them. :D
Jun 11, 2008
Region 1
OMG, my DD is always asking the same thing, "did you do that wen you were little." I always tell her, "No, my mommy wasn't as nice to take me to all these gym classes." :p

I watch and wish I could jump in there too, though!
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