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Soooo, after one perfectly executed mill circle over a month ago DD finally got the consistency down and is doing absolute beautiful mill circles! Yay! And to add to her latest achievements, she has gotten her back walkover on beam, too! :D
CONGRATULATIONS to your DD!!! I`ve said it before, and I`ll say it again, I`m SO glad that Bean didn`t have to learn that dreaded mill circle!!From everything I`ve read, it`s a beast to acquire. Nice work on the BWO too! She must be very proud of herself!
Congradulation to your dd on her two newest skills!! The mill circle is very very evil!! My dd had a beautiful mill circle for 7 months and lost it for over a month. She was going around twice etc. I thought it would never come back. But I'd like to say it's back again and just in time for competition too. Now lets hope it doesn't "disappear" at competition.

BWO on beam is another huge skill!! Way to go!!:)
Congrats to her on that tricky mill circle!!! My daughter has been doing them for a year now and still misses one every once in a while. They are tricky! :) Way to go on the BWO on beam!!!
WOOHOO, way to go!! I'm with CGM on this one - I am glad my dd never had to do the mill circle - it must be a progression for something, I'm just not sure what!
Congrats on the new skill acquisition. A few of my DD's friends struggled with that skill. Fortunately, my DD did not have to learn that skill either, although she likes to play with it on her bar at home once in a while...
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My DD could hardly wait to get to L5 so she could stop worrying about the dreaded MC. She never messed it up in competition, (Okay, once at states she accidentally crossed her leg over a bit) but we held our breath every time!

Congratulations to her!:D:D:D

Here we call it a stride circle and it is tricky!! My DD does it most of the time but usually at comps, she goes 2 fast and goes around twice! I will also be glad when we move past level 4 just for that reason!! I don't know what the stride circle is a progression to but it must be something. Congrats to your DD!! BWO on beam!! WOW
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