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Proud Parent
Jun 14, 2019
I am posting this here because you all have been on a journey with me as I have shared my daughter's return to gymnastics from Spondyolothesis and a slipped disc. Last year as a level 7 she missed almost 10 weeks. She was cleared to return to bars only just before state last year (10 practices at 90 minutes each). She had a horrible experience. She came off the floor crying and saying she was so embarrassed. Fast forward to this year and a move from level 7 to XCEL Diamond. She had a pretty solid year.. 34 plus in the first several meets, 35.5 at the last regular season meet, and a 36.350 at state. She also received a 9.7 on bars and was crowned state champion on that event. She ended up 5th on beam and 7th in the all-around. It was a huge boost for her confidence if nothing else. She also competed states this year at the exact location she did so poorly in this year. She is on her way to regionals!

Also, if any of you are the praying type, we have year next scans for her back on May 18th. She hasn't complained of any pain, but we all know gymnasts are tough and what we would consider "pain" they see as a non issue ache. So my momma heart is a little worried for the next set of scans. If you can throw up a prayer or a positive thought, we will take all she can get.

Thanks Chalkbucket!
What a wonderful update! Thank you for sharing, and I will be happy to pray for her scans. Keep us updated.
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