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Apr 17, 2022
My DD's gym had their host meet this weekend. My DD scored 38 overall and placed first at every event with all 9.4 and above.
Super proud of her! And I am glad is was local so her grandparents got to watch too. That meant alot.
Her gym said they don't think they have ever had anyone place 1st on all events before. :)
Her HC came to me yesterday and said she will move up to Gold after the season is over. So she has secured her Xcel Gold spot. :)
Next meet is not until Febuary so she has a few weeks to take it all in. But she went from a 36 overall last meet to 38 with making the recommended corrections.

What did your DD find the biggest difference between moving from Xcel Silver to Gold and/or the JO equivalent? The passes she has the FHS. The rest is a work in progress that are all on tumble track just not floor yet.
This is fantastic! 38 is a great goal to meet. I wish her more success and joy in the coming season.

My daughter moved to XG this year (and also changed gyms). The adjustment has been marginal. Just adding skills and perfecting them. Slow and steady.
SUGGESTION: Have her start working on her Kip now, if possible.
It honestly depends on what she is competing as a silver. Some silvers are doing a round off back ward roll and a handstand forward roll cartwheel as their acros, so moving to a round off back handspring and a front tuck is a lot. Others are already competing passes that fulfill gold requirements.

Silvers can use the trampoline board on vault for no deduction but golds have to use a springboard in order to start from a 10, so depending on the athlete that can be a big transition.

Some silvers may do squat ons and/or jump to high bar, but otherwise that can be another big change. The cast to horizontal is often a big requirement to hit, and now gold requires two circles.

I would say at our gym, we've historically seen the biggest struggles on beam. The full turn is a nemesis to many, and needing a second acro/needing to hit vertical in one can be a lot for some.

Overall, with Xcel especially, the answer is truly "it depends". There is so much flexibility with meeting requirements that there can be athletes competing one level with the bare minimum, and others competing skills more in line with next.
Wow! Congrats to your daughter. DD competed one year of silver and then went to gold, and the biggest difference was probably vault. She struggles with vault confidence issues but going from the resi mat to the table was challenging for her. I would also say jumping to the high bar, and they full turn on beam. Surprisingly much more difficult then the half
Amazing for your daughter! In our experience, the biggest hurdle from Silver to Gold was bars - particularly learning to jump to the high bar. My kiddo is very small for her age, so it's a long distance for her. :) Our gym uses Gold as the "pool" for optionals, so our Golds are required to have a kip and must be able to work on uptraining, even during meet season, to score out of L5 in the spring -- meaning things like ROBHBT, flyaways, BHS on beam, etc are all in the mix during practice. Every gym is different though.