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Sep 9, 2008
Em had another fantastic meet! She is one amazing kid. I loved her vids & espcially bars! WOW! She rocked them! A super great job! :D

Bummed we are not in the same session at COS, but wishing a ton of good luck to E for another great meet. Xing fingers that she is standing on the FIRST PLACE Podium again!!!!!! Is this your next met or do you have one in between? Our next meet is EGGS. Have you guys ever been?


Hey N! Thanks for all the sweet comments. We do have a meet next weekend (2/15) in St. Louis. We do two "local" meets each season so family can make it. I was not impressed with this meet last year so we will see how it goes. Our higher levels are going to the Chicago Style Meet this weekend. Sounds fun. What/where is EGGS? We only have COS and then another St. Louis one. It is The St. Louis Classic. That is a pretty good one. I am sooooo tired of traveling! I am still working on DH to see if he will stay a bit longer at COS. If it was not so darn pricey I'd have a fighting chance!!!! Hope A sweeps her session! We will have fingers and toes crossed for her. If she repeats that bar routine, she has it wrapped up! Anyhow, take care! Hugs from E to A!!
Not open for further replies.