"Brain Farts"

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Ok, so lately, i have been getting "brain farts" as we call them, which is basically things that I've been able to do well previously, but sudden fear stops me from doing them now. It's all easy things....for example, I'd had a perfect back handspring for a long time, but now i just can't do it without spotting because I get scared. Also, My handstand on beam-an easy skill-just CAN'T do it anymore (for some reason though, cartweels on beam don't scare me at all) The one on beam is kind of explainable because once while in a handstand I flipped over and landed with my back on the beam-OUCH!

PLEASE help, any ideas or tips are definitely welcome!!!!
Thank you so much!


try just drills on the BHS for now and handstands on the low untill u feel confident enough to try by your self and a good drill for handstands is you put a big mat on the floor on the end of the beam then handstand and fall flatback on to the mat!It has helped me :) hope i helped!?
You poor thing:( it's horrible having a block (or as you call them 'brain farts')
I agree with GymVamp. I lost my flyaway for a while! it was frustrating.
In the end i just had to get over it because i was at a comp.
Hope you get your BHS to come off strike!
Good luck! :)
May 22, 2009
At the Gym!

Ooooh that stinks. Mental blocks are hard. I went through one with my back walk over on beam all last season. You just have to tell yourslef that therer is no reason to be scared. You've done this a million times. Try this: every night before you go to bed, picture yourself doing ten or more of what ever skill you are having trouble with perfectly. This is called mental training. It may be hard to do everyone perfectly in your head when you first start, but the more you practice, the easier it will be. Think positively. You can do it! Your brain controls your body, so if you have any doubt in your brain about a skill, the more likely you will mess it up, or get scared. Also, right before you are going to do the skill ion real life, picture it in your head in real life, and then count to three and go for it. This helps me with every skill i do. Good luck and keep us posted!:rolleyes:
Jun 26, 2009
That sounds painful! I agree with GymVamp though, doing a skill on the low beam a couple billion times does clear most brain fart cases. In fact, for a while a was absolutely convinced that I would fall over on my back in a handstand like you did, so I started doing handstands on the edge of the beam so I can turn over without any problems if I went over. I actually wouldn't do them in the middle of the beam until I learned how to do the level 6 dismount. Now, it's no problem. I'm sure that you'll be fine with your handstand, but tell us when you beat the brain farts. :)


what i do when i hav a brain fart is 2 just clear my head. once i do that i usualy start on the ow beam beam and work my way up. the medium beam, hight beam with a mat and eventually the high beam. hope i helped. that is usualy what helps me.
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