Bridge from standing, back walkovers, and front walkovers tips?

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Jun 4, 2013
First off, sorry I post so much, this will be the last for awhile! I'm 13 almost 14 and thought I had no chance of being invited to team or even pre team. But my coach said she wanted to see my back bend kick over because I'll need it for team and to keep my arms near my ears for TEAM!!!!!! I thought I was too old to go anywhere with it.

I can't do a bridge from standing, I just don't have back flexibility but when I'm in it I can kick over about 40% of the time and for front walkovers I can do the handstand bridge but can't pull back up. Tips are appreciated!
Start practicing Bridge wall walks. Stand with your back against the wall and your arms overhead and practice walking down the wall into a bridge and back up.

Bridge with your feet a bit higher than your hands and practice kickovers. Even doing Handstand, bridge with feet on wall and walking down and then kicking off the wall can work.

As for the standing back bend and standing up from the bridge, this should be covered in your class off a wedge or with a spot.
Bridge with your feet a bit higher than your hands and practice kickovers.

This is what worked for my DD. She started with feet quite a lot higher, then gradually reduced the height until she could do it from floor level.

For standing up from bridge/front walkover, you could try standing with your back to wall bars and walking your hands down them as far as you can then standing up. This should help you find the muscles you need to stand up. Just go down a small way at first and build from there.
^^^ Yeah, definitely a fan of bridge wall walks on stall bars. It's a really good stretch at the bottom one since you pull your shoulders more open.
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