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My youngest dd gets regular conditioning/strength homework to so, every time she gets her homework book back there is always bridge hold written down, it has always been 10 seconds bridge holds x3, this time the coach has but bridge hold 90 seconds. It is ok to hold a bridge for that long? Dd cannot do this yet and breaks it down into 3x 30 second holds or 2x 45 second holds.
She is 7 and yes it is for everyday this week (up to 31st July), the get homework every other week for 7 days.
IMO, that sounds very long... unnecessary pressure and strain on the back. I prefer kids to do 2x 10 bridge rocks, and even then that's quite a bit. As a level 8 gymnast I've never been told to hold a bridge longer than 20 seconds, and have only had my pre-teamers (level 4) hold for 10 at most.
I will ask the coach today if they are meant to hold a bridge for that long. - it might have been a mistake as it is a big jump from what they were previously asked to do - 3x 10 seconds holds.

My dd cannot manage to do more then 30 seconds and she says her shoulders hurt after a while.
DD's Level 3 group does 3x 30 seconds, hopefully that is all he meant. Sometimes they will go up to 60 seconds, but they haven't ever gone up to 90 seconds.
Thanks for the advice guys, it is all sorted now, it was a mistake on the coaches part. Dd has to do 3x 10 seconds.
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